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Point Release Notes

Point Version 9.7

Point Version 9.7 is now available. Updates made in this release reduce data entry points on the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) screen and refine data collection required for Uniform Closing Dataset (UCD) and HMDA exports to be in concert with the MISMO 2.6 standard.


HMDA Reporting (2018) screen/general HMDA
  • Reconfigured the Final HMDA Loan Application Register (LAR) check box to include functionality to lock the screen when the HMDA data is final. Relabeled the check box to Finalize HMDA data and lock screen. 2350 Finalizing HMDA data and locking the screen.
  • Added functionality to automatically populate the Loan Summary fields from other screens and lock or unlock those fields as needed. 2350 Finalizing HMDA data and locking the screen. As a result of this new functionality, the Copy From Loan Application button is no longer needed and was removed.
  • Added the capability to automatically populate the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) field on the Track > HMDA Reporting (2018) screen by enhancing the Company Information dialog box to include this field. When this field is completed, users no longer need to manually enter the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) to automatically generate the Universal Loan Identifier (ULI). 1132 Automatically populating the LEI number on the HMDA Reporting (2018) screen.
  • Moved the Reasons for Denial section to the top of the screen.
  • Added a Co-applicant dropdown list in the Co-applicant section to specify the co-applicant name or if there is not a co-applicant on the loan.
  • Updated the Fannie Mae 3.2 data set export and import feature to support the new HMDA and URLA Demographic Government Monitoring Information.
  • Added the Include in UCD check box to the Automated Underwriting section on the Banker > Underwriting screen to indicate which automated underwriting casefile to export with the Uniform Closing Dataset (UCD) xml.5502 Specifying which AUS report to use in the UCD export.
  • Moved the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac UCD Case No. fields from the Banker > Underwriting screen to the Interfaces > Uniform Closing Dataset (UCD) screen. Users can edit these fields manually as needed. 5500 Exporting data to UCD XML.
  • Created a second export button on the Interfaces > Uniform Closing Dataset (UCD) to specify that Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac UCD XML is generated to ensure the correct LOS type indicator is submitted to the GSE. 5500 Exporting data to UCD XML.
  • Added one-click functionality for some integrated lenders. Users who select a qualified lender from the Lenders menu are taken directly to that lender’s pricing in the Pricer1™ portal.
  • Added an option to the Written List of Service Providers screen to print the form without fees.2500 Completing the Written List of Service Providers screen.


  • Updated the MISMO 2.6 Standard export mappings to add the new HMDA data points and Loan Application Addendum data.
  • Updated the MISMO 2.6 TRID mappings to add the new UCD data points to the interface export.

Additional Updates

  • Improved page scrolling navigation performance on the Fees Worksheet and Closing Costs Worksheet.
  • Resolved the issue that printed the Loan Application Addendum (Loan Application—All) even when the option to print the addendum on the Company Defaults > Loan Application Addendum was not selected.
  • Added a printer driver key to the installation package which will help prevent the Printer not activated error that requires users to manually install the key.
  • Resolved the .PCF saving and password issue that occurred when a loan with a first and second mortgage was saved to .PCF format.
  • Resolved the document storage access problem for Windows 10 Home Edition users.

See Release Notes for Previous Versions
To verify the version you have installed, select About Point from the Point Help menu.

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