Free Recorded Classes

Whether you're a new user or already know the basics, Calyx® offers a training class that's right for you. No matter where you are, you can take advantage of this excellent online learning opportunity from the comfort of your own office. You will need to Download Windows Media Player to hear and view the classes.

Point Release Videos

 Point Version 9.7 Overview

The Point 9.7 Overview Webinar is full of pertinent information covering updates in Point, focused on HMDA and includes:

 Point Version 9.6 Overview

The Point 9.6 Overview Webinar is full of pertinent information covering updates in Point including:

  • Uniform Closing Dataset (UCD) export
  • HMDA requirements for collecting data
  • Updates to the Fees Worksheet, Closing Costs Worksheet, and Closing Cost Scenario template
  • Loan Estimate updates
  • Closing Disclosure updates
  • Truth-in-Lending updates
  • Document Management updates
  • Other fixes and enhancements


 Point and PointCentral Version 9.5 Overview

Be sure to view the Point and PointCentral 9.5 Overview Webinars.
The webinar is full of pertinent information covering updates in Point and PointCentral including:

  • Accessing Calyx Pricer from the Loan Program button
  • New Indicators
    • Exclude Deed and Mortgage Recording Fees
    • Pricing Exception Granted
  • Identifying lender-paid fees on the Closing Disclosure
  • PointCentral Updates
  • Calyx Resolver Wildcard Certificate Update
  • 2017 and 2018 HMDA Reporting Updates


 Point 9.4, Service Pack 1 Overview

To prepare you for using Point 9.4 SP1 please view this highly informative webinar which includes:

  • Loan Application and Fees Worksheet—synchronized housing expenses
  • Fees Worksheet—added a third user-defined fee line
  • Homeowner’s Association Dues—added a dedicated fee line to the Fees Worksheet
  • Initial Escrow Account Setup and Escrow Account Disclosure—updated for HOA and user-defined fees
  • Agent List—added one-time broker and lender copy from company defaults


 Point 9.4 Overview

What’s New in Point 9.4 - overview of updates and enhancements to Point including:

  • The new HUD form 92900-A, FHA/VA Addendum to the URLA
  • Electronic signature capability, through INK-it, for custom documents
  • Enhancements to the Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure screens
  • Fees Worksheet and Closing Cost Worksheet enhancements to mirror the LE and CD sections
  • Fannie Mae form 1084 Cash Flow Analysis updates


Point Webinars

 Getting Started

Learn the tips and tools for effectively setting up Point®. Designed for the Point beginner or for the Point Administrator who wants to learn to use the software. This class includes an introduction to the many features available in Point, as well as a lesson for configuring basic company defaults and dropdown menus.

Topics Covered
  • Navigate Point from the navigation panel to the workspace, menus, toolbar, information bar, and more
  • Learn to set up your company defaults from the Utilities menu
  • Learn to access key vendors through the Services and Interfaces menus
  • Create entries in your Cardex Database
  • Introduction to document storage
 Originating Loans in Point

Originating loans in Point has never been easier. If you’re an originator, you are not alone in today’s multi-tasking world. Using Point will help you become more efficient than ever. You will be able to keep everyone who "touches" your loan informed and up-to-date with time savers you learn in this class.

Topics Covered
  • Pre-qualifying your prospects
  • Overview of the Loan Application (including Good Faith Estimate and Truth-In-Lending disclosures)
  • Saving time with Cardex
  • Pulling credit
  • Submitting to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
  • Printing, emailing and electronic signature
  • Using the Task Manager to keep track of to-do's
  • Keeping track of your loan status
 Working with Borrower Master Templates

This class teaches you how to create Borrower Master Templates to help you become more efficient by streamlining data entry in your loan files.
Lean how easy it is to default information into every new file that is created.

Topics Covered

  • Creating Borrower Master Templates for use with Conventional, FHA, VA and other loans.
  • Loan Checklists for efficient tracking of documents needed to see the loan through closing
  • Utilizing the Track Status screen effectively
  • How to import a template into a loan file not started from a Borrower Master Template
  • Timesaving shortcuts
 Completing the Loan Estimate

Lean how to generate a Loan Estimate and deliver it to your borrower.

Topics Covered

  • Navigating the Loan Estimate screens and completing the Loan Estimate
  • How fees are populated from the Fees Worksheet
  • Completing the Written List of Service Providers
  • Delivering the Loan Estimate and Written List of Service Providers by printing, emailing and electronic signature
  • Completing the Change of Circumstance disclosure
  • Timesaving shortcuts
 Completing the Closing Disclosure

Learn how to generate a Closing Disclosure and deliver it to your borrower.

Topics Covered

  • Navigating and completing the Closing Costs Worksheet
  • How fees populate the Closing Disclosure
  • Understanding the Closing Disclosure screens and completing the Closing Disclosure
  • Delivering the Closing Disclosure by printing, emailing and electronic signature
  • Timesaving shortcuts
 Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure: Helpful Tips for Success

Learn tips and tools to create a smooth process for generating the Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure.

Topics Covered
  • Implementing templates to minimize data entry and reduce errors
  • Using business rules to ensure fields required for TRID forms are completed
  • Saving time with Cardex
  • Tips and techniques to ensure accuracy
 Underwriting Loans in Point

Underwriting in Point offers a broad overview of the basic forms in Point as well as a more in-depth exploration of the Banker screens and recommended reports for Underwriters.

Topics Covered
  • Loan Application screens
  • Underwriting Transmittal screens
  • Underwriting Banker screen
  • Banker Conditions screen
  • HMDA Reporting
 Creating and Generating Reports

Learn more about designing and viewing reports. Manage your department, your pipeline and your business more efficiently with the robust reports you can build in Point. After the report is built, you can view it in different formats for easy analysis and quick reaction.

Topics Covered
  • Designing reports to manage your business
  • Using the Condition Builder to select and set advanced parameters
  • Generating the report
  • Viewing your report in Microsoft Excel® and Point Report Viewer
  • Customizing output options to clarify the results
 Creating Custom Forms

This class teaches you how to create custom forms that pull data from your loan files.
Learn how to build investor-specific or internal documents and add them to your print groups.

Topics Covered
  • Creating a custom document
  • Customizing documents with your company logo
  • Locating field IDs for insertion into your custom forms
  • Importing Microsoft Word® documents into Point
 Construction-to-Permanent Loan in Point

Learn how to enter data for processing Construction-to-Permanent loans in Point.

This live webinar will show you:

  • How to enter data for automated underwriting
  • Generating the Loan Estimate
  • Generating the Closing Disclosure
Scenarios will include transactions with a land purchase, a payoff of an existing lien and land or property used as equity.

PointCentral Webinars

 Introduction to PointCentral Administration

Audience: This class is meant for PointCentral Administrators.
Learn the basics of PointCentral Administration.

Topics Covered
  • Overview of capabilities through PointCentral
  • Setting up Users, Groups and Access Rights
  • Setting up Data Folders
  • How Business Rules can help reduce errors and ensure completion of required fields

INK-it Webinars

 For Current INK-it Customers: E-Sign Custom Documents

You asked and we answered. Now You can E-Sign Custom Documents in Point using INK-it.
Be sure to attend this informative webinar, which focuses on electronic signatures for custom documents and also includes the following features:

  • Adding INK-it signature blocks to Custom Forms
  • Loan Originator Submission to the Client
  • Client Authentication, Execution and Submission
  • Loan Originator and Client Completion – Notification and Download
  • Audit Documentation
  • Document Storage with Electronic Signature

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